Nutrient Analysis

In our practice, we offer a comprehensive nutrient analysis to gain a detailed insight into your nutrient status. This analysis is a crucial part of our diagnostics and helps in developing individual nutrition plans and treatment strategies.

Measuring / Diagnosing / Treating – The Cornerstones of Your Health

Our body is a complex machine that relies on a balanced intake of essential nutrients. Proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals are not just the building blocks of life but also key elements for healing and well-being. In our practice, we use advanced diagnostic methods to measure the status of these vital nutrients and develop customized therapies.

Protein Building Blocks (Essential Amino Acids)

Proteins are essential for building and repairing tissues. We measure the availability of essential amino acids in your body to ensure you receive all the necessary building blocks for optimal health.


Vitamins are crucial for immune function, energy production, and many other vital processes. Our diagnostics uncover any vitamin deficiencies and support the development of targeted vitamin therapy.

Fat, Omega-3 Status

A balanced ratio of fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, is crucial for brain, heart, and overall health. We analyze your fat and omega-3 status to correct imbalances and reduce inflammation.


Minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium are important for numerous body functions. Our tests identify potential deficiencies so they can be effectively balanced.

Our approach aims to provide the body with exactly what it lacks to promote healing processes and enhance well-being. Our therapies are both preventive and curative, supporting not only existing health issues but also acting preventively to avoid future diseases. At our practice, your holistic health is the focus. We work to bring your body into balance and supply it with all necessary nutrients for optimal function and health.

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IGeL Service* – you will receive a cost estimate at the registration.

*There are medical services that you must pay for yourself at the doctor’s office. These services are called Individual Health Services or IGeL. We note that the mentioned IGeL service may not meet the standards of evidence-based scientific medicine and may not or only partially replace a medically indicated conventional therapy if necessary.

Treatment successes can generally not be guaranteed.