Procedure / Billing

Our approach in functional medicine aims to identify and treat the underlying causes of your health issues. We follow a structured process divided into three main phases:

I. Medical History
Cost: From €150 (according to GOÄ 60)

Our first step in the process of functional medicine is the medical history. In this crucial phase, we take sufficient time to understand your medical history and current complaints. This process is fundamental to develop a personalized and effective treatment strategy. Our experienced specialists conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure that all relevant aspects of your health are considered.

II. Evaluation of Findings
Cost: From €50 (depending on scope)

After the medical history, follows the careful evaluation of your medical findings. This step is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of your health situation. Our experts analyze all available data to precisely identify the causes of your complaints and determine the most effective treatment method. The costs for this process vary depending on the scope and complexity of the required analyses.

III. Explanation of Findings
Cost: From €50 (depending on scope)

Explaining the findings is an essential part of our service process. In this step, we provide you with detailed explanations of the results of our investigations. We place great emphasis on ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your health condition and the proposed treatment methods. This transparency is crucial for successful therapy and your well-being. Similar to the evaluation of findings, the costs here also depend on the scope of the explanations.

Important Information about Our Services and Appointments
Costs for Functional Medicine

Please note that the costs for treatments in the field of functional medicine are privately borne and are not covered by statutory health insurance. These services are billed according to the Physician Fee Schedule (GOÄ), specifically according to GOÄ 60.

Appointment Cancellations

To ensure efficient appointment scheduling, we kindly ask you to cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance. For appointments on Mondays, please cancel by the previous Friday at 12:00 noon at the latest. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in a cancellation fee of €100.