Emergency Service Arrangements

Our practice is closed and you need medical help? Here you will find important information.

Emergency Call: 112 (available 24/7)
Dial this number if you are in a life-threatening condition.

Medical On-Call Service: 116 117 (available 24/7)
Through this number, you receive a medical initial assessment and are connected nationwide to the appropriate medical on-call/taxi service.
You can also find a website and an app in the app store with this number.

Poison Emergency Call: 0551 19240
University of Göttingen, also call 112 if necessary

Private Acute Medical Service: 030 555 700 635

Pharmacy Emergency Service: 0800 00 22833 or mobile short dial 22833
Also see on the internet at or at your nearest pharmacy on the emergency service calendar notice.

Please note that these are third-party details. Information provided without guarantee. Phone numbers may incur charges.

On-Call Service Practices in the Hanover Region

Those who need medical help outside the general practitioner’s office hours can go directly to the on-call service practices in the clinics of the Hanover region.

All information is provided without guarantee. We recommend calling the on-call service practice before consultation to ensure it is currently open.