Autonomic Nervous System Analysis

The analysis of the autonomic nervous system (ANS analysis) is an advanced diagnostic method we offer in our practice to gain deeper insights into the functioning of your autonomic nervous system. This method is particularly valuable as it can detect changes in the body before they manifest in laboratory tests or other standard examinations.

ANS Analysis – Insights into the Unconscious of the Nervous System

The ANS analysis is an innovative procedure that allows us to identify organic disorders early, even when other medical tests show no abnormalities. Here are some key aspects of this diagnostic:

Simple and Non-Invasive Measurement

The analysis is performed using a simple pulse strap on the chest. This method is non-invasive and comfortable for the patient.

Computer-based Analysis of the Autonomic Nervous System

The collected data are analyzed with computer support to provide a clear picture of the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (tension and stress nerve) and the parasympathetic nervous system (vagus relaxation and regeneration nerve).

Assessment of Stress Levels

The analysis reveals how stressed the body is. This is crucial for developing stress management strategies and reducing the risk of stress-related diseases.

Balance of the Autonomic Nervous System

The results show whether there is a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which is of great importance for overall well-being and health.

Regenerative Reserve

The analysis assesses the body’s ability to regenerate and recover, providing insights into general health and vitality.

Effectiveness of Breathing Exercises

The ANS analysis can show whether and to what extent breathing exercises or other relaxation techniques positively affect the nervous system.

Progress Monitoring

This analysis is a valuable tool for monitoring the progress and effectiveness of treatments and making adjustments as necessary.

The ANS analysis is an integral part of our preventive diagnostics. It helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of your health status and take early measures to promote and maintain your health.

The ANS analysis is thus a crucial component in preventive medicine. It offers valuable insights into the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and contributes to developing tailored treatment and prevention strategies for our patients.

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