Advanced Preventive Care (e.g., Sonographies, Special Blood Analyses)

In our practice, we place great emphasis on advanced preventive examinations to detect health issues early and provide preventive treatment. Our offering includes a range of specialized tests that go beyond standard preventive care.

Advanced Preventive Examinations – For Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our advanced preventive examinations include the following services:

Sonographies (Ultrasound Examinations)

We offer high-resolution ultrasound examinations to assess various organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, and thyroid. These painless examinations allow us to detect structural changes and potential anomalies early.

Special Blood Analyses

Our comprehensive blood tests go beyond routine examinations. They include advanced profiles for vitamins, hormones, minerals, inflammation markers, and other special biomarkers. These analyses help us identify hidden health risks and conditions.

Cancer Preventive Examinations

In addition to standard screening methods, we offer special cancer preventive tests tailored to specific risk factors and family histories.

Cardiovascular Diagnostics

We conduct advanced cardiovascular diagnostics, including ECG, stress tests, and cardiac ultrasound, to assess the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Bone Density Measurement (Osteoporosis Diagnostics)

For early detection of osteoporosis, we perform bone density measurements, allowing us to assess the condition of your bone health.

Skin Cancer Screening

We provide skin cancer screening to detect early signs of skin cancer, crucial for effective treatment.

Individual Risk Assessment and Counseling

Based on the results of your examinations, we offer individual counseling and recommendations to optimize your health and minimize specific risk factors.

Our advanced preventive care is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your health and give you tailored recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and preventive measures. We use state-of-the-art diagnostics to offer you the best possible preventive care.

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IGeL Service* – you will receive a cost estimate at the registration.

*There are medical services that you must pay for yourself at the doctor’s office. These services are called Individual Health Services or IGeL. We note that the mentioned IGeL service may not meet the standards of evidence-based scientific medicine and may not or only partially replace a medically indicated conventional therapy if necessary.

Treatment successes can generally not be guaranteed.